Welcome Back!

26 May

Hey Everyone! Masterpengi here!

I decided to come back…for the time being atleast. I’m trying to update the blog and all that so please bear with me. Thanks!



New Furniture Sneak Peek

12 Oct

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi here!

Club Penguin gave us a new sneak peek of some new furniture coming out soon. Check out this picture:

furniture image

Looks like some sort of brick column with a fence attached to it. What do you think? Comment your thoughts..


New Postcards!

8 Oct

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi here!

They came our with some new postcards to send to all of your penguin buddies. Check ’em out!

Picture 6

They are 10 Coins each.

Thanks for reading!


New Play At The Stage!

8 Oct

Picture 3Hello Penguins! Masterpengi here!

A new play has taken place at the stage! As you can see above, the play is called Squidzoid vs. Shawdow Guy & Gamma Gal.

Sadly, there are no new costumes or any cheats in this catalog.

Picture 4

And, here is the new set.

Picture 5

And that’s it! Thanks for reading!


Black Skies Around Dojo!

8 Oct

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi Here!

A result of the volcano is cloudy, gloomy skies! Ahhhh! Well…at-least they aren’t red XD Check it out:

Picture 2

When do you think the volcano will erupt? Comment your thoughts :)


New Pin! Football Pin!

8 Oct

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi here!

A new pin came out. It is a football pin. Here is how to get it:

  • Log into Club Penguin
  • Go to the Ski Village on your map
  • Then waddle over to the Ski Lodge
  • Then head up to the Attic
  • Finally, pick up the pin :)

Picture 1

Thanks for reading! I hoped this helped!


Newspaper Issue #208

8 Oct

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi here…colorful :)

A new issue of the newspaper came out today. Has some good stuff in it. Check it out below.

Things To Check Out:

  • Halloween Igloo Contest! (Page A2 and A3)
  • Anniversary Party coming soon! (Page A4 and A5)
  • Squidzoid tomorrow (Page C5)
  • Anniversary Pary 24th (Page C6)
  • New Better Igloos coming soon (Page C6)

Thanks for reading!





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