Ultimate Guide To The Music Jam ’09!

16 Jul

Contest Ended. Congratz to Zaide01

Hello Penguins, and welcome to THE MUSIC JAM!!!  It is bigger and better then ever before!!  I am so excited!! Aren’t you! Well I am going to help you, so…

Club Penguin Music Jam 09

…Here is your Ultimate Guide to Music Jam ’09!

First we will start out with the pin.
The pin is in the boiler room.
Pinpin 2

And this year, there are two free items. One  is at the Cove.  It is Green Headphones.

Headphoneshead PhonesThe other free item is at the Nightclub Roof:

Free item 2So why don’t you pick it up?

free item 2.5

The Items at the Shirts Rock booth are:

Pop Girl T Shirt

Pop Girl T Shirt - 250 Coins

Western T Shirt

Western T Shirt - 250 Coins

Caribbean T shirt

Caribbean T Shirt - 250 Coins

Rocker T Shirt

Rocker T Shirt - 250 Coins

Classical T Shirt

Classical T Shirt - 250 Coins

Sparkle T Shirt

Sparkle T Shirt - 250 Coins

All access Member Pass

All Access Pass - 50 Coins

The Dock Backstage Cheats are, Click the top of the “i” in music to get the snare drum and drum sticks.

Drums secret

Also click the “o” in catalog to bring back the not rare anymore Black guitar!!

Black guitar

And there is your ULTIMATE guide to the Club Penguin Music Jam.  Please comment if I missed anything, and thanks for using http://www.coolmansnuffytoon.wordpress.com for all of your clubpenguin hints tips and tricks.


Logo(P.S Remember, smile for the Music Jam XD)

Smile For Music Jam


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