21 Jul

Hey Penguins!

That was the most awesomemess party ever!!!  I would like to thank everyone who came, because some others didn’t…but anyways Here is how the party went.

We waited at the dock for everyone to arrive, and were disappointed that some didn’t.  Then we headed to the Ski Mountain for some sled racing! Then we raced from the Ski Mountain to the Cove and rocked the all of Club Penguin during it.  Then after that we headed over to the Ski Lodge to take a break and play some Find Four.  (Sorry for no pictures right here.  I forgot about taking them, then randomly remembered)  Then we made our way to the book room for some Mancala.


Then we traveled up to the Dojo and practiced our Card Jitsu.


Then we teleported to my Igloo to hang out…


…and dance…er I mean make a circle…


And after that I thanked everyone for coming, and we all logged off.

And now…for our

Featured Penguins!

This boy penguin was the first to arrive at my party.  HIs name ryhmes with Fudge so his username must be Mudge!!!

Mudge91*Congratz to Mudge91 for being this party’s Featured Boy Penguin*

This girl penguin is pretty cool.  She would always stand away from the crowd…haha. Give it up for Pop Avril!!

Pop Avril*Congratz to this Pop Avril for being this party’s Featured Girl Penguin*

And if you missed it, here is a quick video to sum everything up 🙂

And again, I would like to thank everyone for coming!




3 Responses to “Party!!!”

  1. mudge91 July 22, 2009 at 4:46 AM #

    cool, i got your email and i would love to work on your blog!
    here are the answers to your questions
    1. ya i can take good pics i use the snipping tool or the print screen button (depends)
    2. yep i work on a total of 9 blogs
    okay, yep thats it lol bye! =D

    Alrighty, I sent you an email including all the rules. You can go ahead and make a post introducing yourself and all that.

  2. Zaide01 July 21, 2009 at 11:57 PM #

    Hey Masterpengi?
    The party was awesome,i enjoyed so much.And cool video.

    Waddle On!!!


    Masterpengi Said: Yeah it was awesome! I had a blast!

  3. Zebby July 21, 2009 at 8:07 AM #

    😮 I am so so so so so sorry 😥

    Masterpengi Said: Why didn’t you come?

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