How to Remove Your Items With Another Persons Player Card

10 Aug

Hello! Pangogo Here!

Today, I’ll be showing you this AWESOME trick that you can do with another persons player card! (as said in the title) Okay, first, find someone with an item(s) that you have on your penguin. I found someone else with an acoustic guitar:

Now, open up YOUR player card (note, you NEED to have a same item, I was using an electric guitar because this was taken BEFORE I found the other penguin):

Now, open up the other penguins player card:

Now, click on your player card, then the other penguins player card, then yours, then the other penguins (Do NOT Press the X when switching to the next player card). Now here’s the cool part, click on the item that you have on that the other penguin has on [On the other penguins player card] Now, if you look you have removed the item on YOUR penguin:

(Note: This glitch also is able to remove the OTHER penguins item, it’s just random when it’ll remove yours or the other penguins)

Now, I did NOT find this out my self, I got this from a member on YouTube named CPCabluey



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