Unlimited Furniture Cheat

12 Aug

Hello Penguins! And Man, Do I have an awesome cheat for you. This cheat allows you to get UNLIMITED furniture..FREE without all those cheat engine things.

First, Log into Club Penguin (Duh)

Picture 1

Next, Go To your igloo by clicking the Igloo Button on your Chat Bar

Picture 2 copy

Then, Click on “Edit Items”

Picture 4

Then Click “View Items”

Picture 5

Ok, This is the Tricky Part.  While the furniture is loading, click the box with the furniture you want unlimited of really fast before it loads.  If it doesn’t work, keep trying. If it does work, this should happen. One of those items should appear in your igloo.

Picture 3 copy

Don’t remove it…yet.  Go Back to “View Items” And if it worked, you should have a Negative amount of that furniture item.  Like this

Picture 7

Now, You add that furniture item to your igloo as many times as you want! Also, you can do this with any item as many times as you want.

If it works it should look like this 🙂

Picture 6

Isn’t this cheat awesome!!!???

Well PHEW That is one good cheat!

Cya next Time



2 Responses to “Unlimited Furniture Cheat”

  1. Lizzydizzy24 (Club Penguin Name) August 14, 2009 at 1:58 PM #


  2. lukbuktutorials August 12, 2009 at 11:11 AM #


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