Newspaper Issue #200!

13 Aug

Hello Penguins, Masterpengi here.

Today, I am gonna post about the new issue in the newspaper. It is a pretty good issue I would say, I find it very interesting.

First,  Lets just say, Congrats to Club Penguin for their 2ooth Issue in the Newspaper.

Picture 2

Next, We shall take a moment to go down memory lane….

Picture 4

Did you know that it wasn’t until November 2005 that penguins starting moving into igloos. Can you imagine?

Picture 5

We got our first glimpse of puffles in November 2005, but no one knew what they were at the time. They weren’t even in the Pet Shop until March 2006. Now  They’re pretty much everywhere.”

NOW back to reality, There is new play coming up named “Underwater Adventure” Sounds pretty cool! “Incredible! One every penguin should watch!” –Aunt Arctic    Lets take a look, shall we?

Picture 3

And, the new WARNING: SECRET REVEALED article is about How to Catch Mullet, The Fish. Take a look:

Picture 6

And next, some exclusive info just for you! Here is some possible items that might be available at the Festival of Flight, Lets take a look

Picture 7

The Jet pack, The Green Propeller cap, (blue and red already released, now green?) and the lights that the penguin is carrying. Also, take a look at this:

Picture 9

Isn’t that cool? Makes me even MORE excited about it. This s gonna be one great/big party!

And now, Some new upcoming events:

Picture 8

That is all! Masterpengi signing out!

-Masterpengi, President of Coolmansnuffytoon Productions


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