Cove Sighting!

4 Sep

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi here.

I got in my ninja suit and went to the Cove to wait. You are probably wondering why? Well, there was supposed to be come sighting of something. I think I may of found it, but it might not be what they were talking about, but I found something cool.

Ok, as I waited there…The fire begin to flare up, really tall. I have some pictures


Picture 2

After it flared up like that, it went down, but it still wasn’t what it was before..

Picture 3

Isn’t that strange? Is this a clue to hook us in in some mystery, or is this just nothing?

What do you think?

-Masterpengi, President of Coolmansnuffytoon Productions

(P.S I found this all on my own, if you use this, just please put Coolmansnuffytoon Productions somewhere in your post. Thanks)


One Response to “Cove Sighting!”

  1. Zaide01 September 4, 2009 at 10:10 PM #

    HEY DUDE!!!!!

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