Track Sensei!

15 Sep

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi here!

And guess what? Sensei just popped up out of no-where! He is now waddling around Club Penguin, and you can meet him! Now I have set up Club Penguin on here so you can track, and them find him before he goes away.

Remember, we aren’t resposible if you get banned using Club Penguin on

Here is a tracker to help find him:

Sensei Location


Now, here is a chat box to help find him too!

Now, here is Club Penguin to go and find him while staying on this website!

Here are some tips to find him:


  • Sensei is most commonly seen on Mammoth, Blizzard, and Frozen. Check these servers first.
  • Sensei’s favorite room is usually the ninja hideout or dojo.
  • Sensei is a gray penguin with a gray beard and a brown rice hat. His player card is above.
  • Sensei changes servers every 15 minutes.
  • Comment if you found him with our help!

    -Masterpengi, President of Coolmansnuffytoon Productions


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