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Mini Contest “Name That Room”

3 Oct

Hello Penguns! Masterpengi here!

I have a little mini contest for everyone. I have took a picture of a room, and distorted it.

I tried to make it hard, but not too hard. I wanna see how smart my fans really are. If I get a lot of people who get the room right, I will try to make a it harder next contest. Ok, so here are the rules:

  • Only 2 entries allowed
  • No cheating, by looking at the other comments

Thats it! Now, here is the picture 🙂

Picture 1“Click the picture to enlarge”

Can you figure it out? If you do, comment the room, and If you are right, I will put your name on this post under the “Correct Penguins” list. If you get it wrong, I will approve your comment, but I will not put your name up.

Correct Penguins:


Stuffy Man 3

Thanks for participating!