About Masterpengi (snuffytoon)

Hello Penguins, I am going to tell you my Club Penguins history, ok here it goes.

My first penguin’s name was Sneeky Bluey, I created him in October of 2006.  His oldest pin was the pumpkin, he was pretty famous I would say.  I then created another penguin in February or March of 2007 and named him Masterpengi.  I created him in case Sneeky Bluey ever got banned forever. Early 2008, I hacked 999,999 coins on Sneeky Bluey using WPE Pro (Do no use this program.  They have fixed the hack) In the summer of 2007, I became a non-member and quit playing Club Penguin because it got kind of boring, and started playing again sometime in December, still being a non-member I think.  Sneeky Bluey then got banned forever late July of 2008.  I stopped playing Club Penguin after that.  Took a long break and started playing a lot in April of 2009, on Masterpengi.  Masterpengi then became a member on June 3rd, 2009 and is over 900 days old with the teddy bear as his oldest pin.

I also own this blog. I try my best to make it look neat and cool, and I try my best to update it as soon as I can. One day I would like to be famous, like Jmann93 atleast.

Now for my personal life 🙂  My real name is Jacob(if you are having trouble, I AM a boy), you can call me whatever. I am eleven years old. My birthday is December 15th. I enjoy to design graphics, as I have designed many on this blog. I use PhotoShop CS4 (If anyone was wondering) I also enjoy making CPMV’s. Which I don’t make them much anymore due to the lack of time. I love blogging!  In school, I am in 6th Grade. I am a “Straight A” student. I used to play sports, like Soccer, Basketball and Baseball, but I have quit due to the lack of interest. I also enjoy to watch some TV every now and then. My favorite shows are between iCarly and The Suite Life on Deck. Also my favorite movie is Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen! I LOVE to eat (BTW I am not fat.) My favorite food is Ribs, or chicken.

Also, many of you have maybe wondered, what the heck is “coolmansnuffytoon”?! Well, A very long time ago, I had an account of Godtube (I am a christian btw) and my account name was Snuffytoon. I got the name “snuffytoon” from this game I played a while back called ToonTown. My little character’s name o ToonTown was MasterSnuffy Trickytoon. So, that is where I got “snuffytoon” from. On the account on Godtube, I made Club Penguin videos and ToonTown videos. Later after I joined, my friend Levi(Llibaatv) also joined Godtube and named his account coolman. My account (snuffytoon) got banned because of the Age Limit on Godtube (Now Tangle). (I set my age as 1 years old…LOL) A couple months later, I asked Levi if I could share an account with him and he said sure. We combined our names and got coolmansnuffytoon. Isn’t that neat!?

Here are some pics of Sneeky Bluey taken early 2007 I took for my old blog, sorry about the bad quality:

Sneeky Bluey

Im a hacker baby





My igloo


Now here are a couple pics of Masterpengi:

I saw Bike Boy93



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