How To Become A Tour Guide

Hello Penguins!  So I guess you are wondering how to become a tour guide, ey?  Well you have come to the right place.  I will show you step by step on how to become a Tour Guide.

1. Log into to Club Penguin, and go on any server, then go to the Ski Village

2. Make Sure You are 45 Days Old, Then click the Tour Guide Booth.

tour Guide Booth

3.Then Click:


4. Then Click “Take Quiz”


Now, Here are the answers:

Question: In What Room Can You Find Old Copies Of The Penguin Times?
Answer: Boiler Room

Question: What Item is always in a different place in the clothing catalog every month?
Answer: The Viking Helmet

Question: Which Of These Rooms Does NOT Have A Game In it?
Answer: Beach

Question: What Item is thrown out of the truck of level 4 of Bean Counters?
Answer: A Flower Pot

Question: Which Of These Games Has A Shark In It?
Answer: Jetpack Adventure

Question: Which color of puffle can catch on fire?
Answer: Black

Question: How Do You Get A Pin?
Answer: Walk On Top Of It

Question: What Day Does The Newspaper Come Out
Answer: Thurday

Those are all the answers. They will all NOT be in order but those are all the questions all 100% right. After you finish the test it will say “You’ve Passed”!

5. Then Receive the Tour Guide Hat


Woo Hoo!  You have completed the quiz and now you are a Tour Guide! Now you Should have the hat in the Head Section of editing your player card.

Tour Guide Hat

Then here is me with the Hat On.

Masterpengi with a tour guide hat

Now, to give a tour, Click on your safe chat then click activities then click “Give A Tour” and your penguin should describe the place you are at.

Tour Guide act 2

And Now, BAM!

Tour Guide act 1And maybe you are wondering how to stick the “Tours Here” sign up? Well all you do is put on your Tour Guide Hat and only your Tour Guide Hat, then go to your actions and click the Wave action.

Tour Guide act 3and Viola.

Tour Guide act 5




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