Two Parties (& a sneak peek)!

5 Oct

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi Here!

This month is going to be jammed pack with awesomeness! I might have a mini party coming up (and maybe a few contests here and there) but also Club Penguin is have 2 parties also! Check out this post!

Hello Penguins!

October’s an especially cool month because there’s not just one but TWO parties coming up!

Saturday, October 24 is Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary – it’s one day only and we want you to be a part of it!! A ton of stuff will be happening around the Coffee Shop like cake, the new Yearbook…and lots of you have been wondering what the hat colors are going to be this year. We’ve heard cool suggestions! I guess we’ll have to just wait and see…

ALSO, starting Tuesday, October 27 is the Halloween Party! Get ready for some surprises – including a new scavenger hunt. Members will be able to check out a spooky room… I don’t want to give everything away but I did get this for you to look at:

slime.jpgWhat do you think?

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Doesn’t that sound so cool? What do you think the room will be? Comment your thoughts!



Storm Arriving?

3 Oct

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi here!

I think, just for October, I am going to start typing in different colors. Won’t that be cool?

Anyways, back to topic. I wasn’t hear last October, but I have heard a big storm came over Club Penguin.

And, it looks like from the waves, another one might be coming. Take a look.

Picture 1

So, you think that will happen again? Tell me your thoughts.


Mini Contest “Name That Room”

3 Oct

Hello Penguns! Masterpengi here!

I have a little mini contest for everyone. I have took a picture of a room, and distorted it.

I tried to make it hard, but not too hard. I wanna see how smart my fans really are. If I get a lot of people who get the room right, I will try to make a it harder next contest. Ok, so here are the rules:

  • Only 2 entries allowed
  • No cheating, by looking at the other comments

Thats it! Now, here is the picture 🙂

Picture 1“Click the picture to enlarge”

Can you figure it out? If you do, comment the room, and If you are right, I will put your name on this post under the “Correct Penguins” list. If you get it wrong, I will approve your comment, but I will not put your name up.

Correct Penguins:


Stuffy Man 3

Thanks for participating!


CMST Games!

3 Oct

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi here!

I haven’t officially announced this, until now.

We have a gaming website!!! Isn’t that sweet?

We have around 40+ games, since we just started, But I have been adding mew games everyday! Also, if you want to help me add some more games, you can suggest games you’ve made or games you have found that are really fun. Do this at the front page.

If you cannot go to cmstgames from the banner, click here

I am so excited to announce this. This is going so fun for me, and I hope it is fun for you.

Thanks for reading!

-Masterpengi, Creator of CMSTgames

October ’09 Halloween Catalog Cheats

1 Oct

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi here!

Here are the cheats to the new Catalog. I like this catalog. It has a lot of really cool costumes. Here is the catalog:

And then, here are the cheats

Picture 1

Well, there is 3 one new cheats in this catalog, and the first one is to get a Black Cape. Click the blue little mushroom to get the black cape

Picture 2 copy

The next one is to get the Ghost Costume. To get this, click on the window on Page 2

Picture 2 copy 1

The next cheat is to get the Black Superhero mask. To get this, click on the wizards right foot.

Picture 3 copy

And those are all of the new cheats! Thanks for reading!


Early Exclusive Pin

1 Oct

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi here!

Club Penguin accidently released the new pin a week early! HAH!

It turns out the new pin is going to be the Disney Castle. They will release this pin next Friday, at the dock. So check that out!

Here is a picture:


Isn’t that cool? Why do you think they are doing the Disney Castle? I thought they might of done like a pumpkin or something Octoberish.

Hm, well comment your thoughts!



Newspaper Issue #207

1 Oct

Hello Penguins! Masterpengi here

A new newspaper issue came out! #207!

Picture 1

It is a great issue, so check it out below:

Things to check out:

  • Halloween Costumes! (Page A2 and A3)
  • Squidzoid & Message from Sensei! (Page A4 and A5)
  • New Furniture Soon (Page C7)
  • Post Cards (Page C8)
  • New Penguin Style Tomorrow (Page C8)

Thanks for reading!