Mission Four

Mission 4

Avalanche Rescue

Make Sure To watch in high quality!

Song: I Don’t Care by Apocalyptica

If you do no want to watch the video, you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Talk to G, then once you get inside the gadget room turn left and grab the Life Preserver Shooter
  2. Then go to the Beach
  3. Then go inside the Lighthouse and turn left and pick up the rope laying on the boat.
  4. Then turn right and go up the stairs to the Beacon
  5. Then use your wrench from your Spy Phone, and unscrew the bolt so you can get the Telescope
  6. Go to the Sports Shop, and turn left until you see a Penguin with clothes on.  Take his belt and put it in your inventory.
  7. Then turn left some more and go inside Gary’s Room
  8. Then put the telescope on the TriPod and memorize the pathway the penguins went.
  9. Go to the lodge and turn left until you see a fish pole by the dor with bunch of fish.  Pick the fishing pole up and put it in your inventory.
  10. Then add these items together: Add the fishing pole to the Life Preserver shooter, and add then add the rope to the fishing pole and life preserver.
  11. Then head to the ski village and talk to the penguin crying, then pick up the small fur by the ski lift.
  12. Then use your belt and fix the part that is broken on the Ski Lift
  13. Then go up to the ski mountain and go down the path that is surrounding with Caution Tape.
  14. Then go the pathway you memorized
  15. When you get to the bottom, click on items you added together then click on the  hole in the fence.
  16. Grab the first penguin on the tree, then grab the penguin on the left side, then put the penguin back onto the tree.
  17. This should cause the tree to bend and you can then grab the other penguin who was underneath the tree.
  18. After getting this penguin grab the other penguin you put on the tree.
  19. Place these penguins onto the edge that has a rock and when the rock falls only one penguin will be stuck
  20. Grab the 3 penguins on the edge and the one who fell off of the sled, after getting these four penguins, you practically finished. it will take you back to the Ski Mountain, and you will talk to G
  21. Then give the fur you collected, and then Receive your medal, gift and letter,




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