Mission One

Picture 1

Mission 1 Picture Tutorial:

1.The first thing you need to do for mission 1 is talk to Aunt Artic

Picture 1
2.After talking to Aunt Artic you need to go to the Ice Rink.

3.When you get to the Ice Rink you need to go right and pick up the pictures that are on the ground.

Picture 2
4.After getting the pictures go back to Aunt Artic and give her the pictures.

5.Now that you’ve given her the pictures go to the Pet Shop and once inside go to the left

6.You should see a note stuck on the puffle house, click on it.

Picture 3

7.Next you’ll get a message that says something like ” G has ____ pairs of socks.” Remember how many pairs of socks G has and then go to the Sport Shop

8.When you get to the sport shop talk to G and you need to ask him if he has any special items. Then you will need to tell him how many pairs of socks he has.

Picture 4
9.After telling him this you need to take the life perserver shooter and the grappling hook then go to the Ice Berg

10.When you get to the Ice berg you need to save the penguins who are stuck on the ice by throwing them the life preservers.

Picture 6

11.After you’ve saved the penguins go to Ski Mountain and talk to the crying penguin

12.Then open up your spy phone and push the LED light

Picture 7

13.Then click on the wrench and then press the telescope to fix it.

14.When your looking through the telescope you need to go to the left and you should see a green puffle that’s flying by a mountain

Picture 8

15.Go to the tallest mountain located on your map.

16.Use the grappling hook to climb up the biggest mountain (click on the top of the biggest mountain to use the grappling hook and climb up it

Picture 11

17.At the top of the mountain you’ll find two puffles.

18.Once you’ve done this go back and chat with Aunt Artic and she’ll give you the medal and a letter….Mission 1 complete!!

Picture 12


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