Mission Two

Mission Two – G’s Secret Mission

Picture 1

1. Talk to G

Picture 2

2. Say ” I’m ready for my mission’

3. When he asks you to solve the riddle, type in “mogul” (Without the quotes)

Picture 3

4. Then he will take you to see his new Sled he has been working on.

5. Once he finishes talking, put the sled in your inventory.

6. then go to the Ski Mountain and click and drag the sled to the “Test Run” Slope.

Picture 5

7. Then click yes you would like to test G’s Sled

8. Crash

Picture 6

9. When you open your eyes grab the survival guide and the rope.

10. Go straight to the O Berry Bush and pick up three O Berries.

Picture 7

11. Turn left and there is a tree with a pot hanging.  Click the tree 3 times to shake the pot out of the tree.

12. Then go straight again to the tree stump.

Picture 8

13. You will see a bunch of puffles partying so click and they will all stare at you then run away.  But the Black careless one will not.

14. Get one of your O’Berries and give it to the Black Puffle, and he will become your friend.

Picture 9

15. Turn left to the bush and the log and go there.

16. There is a ski.  Pick it up and put it with the string.  Then put one of your O’berries with the ski and the string. It is now a fishing pole!

Picture 4

17. Find the river and use your fishing pole in the river to catch a fish, then add that to your inventory.  Also fill up your pot with water.

Picture 10

18. Turn right and there should be a small log.  Pick that up and put it in your inventory.

19. Find the cave and go inside.

20. Click one of the rocks to make a fire pit.

Picture 11

21. Add the log and the survival guide you picked up in the fire pit.

Picture 12

22. Then give the Black Puffle your last O’Berry to light the fire.

23. Then put the fish you caught into the fire.  Then click it to eat it.

24. Put the pot of water you got into the fire to boil the water then click it to drink it.

25. Then you get sleepy and go to sleep.

26. When you wake up, go outside and an agent will arrive and bring you back to G

Picture 13

27. End the mission by talking to G then accept your gift and medal.

28. And you just finished Mission 2!!!

Picture 14


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