How To Become a Ninja

Hello Penguins!

I am guessing you are wondering a guide to help you become a ninja on Club Penguin? Well we got the answers for you! Becoming a ninja is pretty easy, but with the help of our awesome guide, we will make it even easier.

Picture 1

How To Become a Ninja:

First, to become a ninja, you earn colored belts while playing a game called Card Jitsu. You can find Card Jitsu at the dojo located on your map. When training to earn your black belt, do not use the blue mats on the floor. Talk to Sensei and pick “Competition Mode” which will earn your belts faster.

Card Jistu:

Located at the Dojo, you are given a deck of cards from Sensei (The Penguin who started Card Jitsu). You are given 5 cards to choose from. Once you choose one, a new, random card will take its place. Players then compete. On the Cards, there are symbols: Fire, Snow, and Water. Keep in mind that:

  • Fire beats Snow
  • Snow beats Water
  • Water beats Fire

The player with the winning card, wins that round. Now, there are 2 ways to win in Card Jistu. You can either get 3 different catagory, colored symbols OR 3 of the same catagory, symbols. Confused? Take a look at this picture:

Picture 2 copy

Ex. In this picture, the opponent can either get three Water Symbols, or another Fire Symbol to win.

Amount of Wins Needed To Earn a New Belt:

Becoming a Ninja takes time. Here is a picture to show how many TOTAL wins you need, to earn a new belt.

picture-103 Once you earn a Black Belt, you will finally have a chance at beating Sensei.

Beating Sensei:

Beating Sensei isn’t hard. As I said before, it just takes time. See, Club Penguin wanted him to make him hard to beat, and they did. Sorta. All you do to beat him is just keep challenging him. He will eventually be weak enough for you to finish him off. Once you beat him, you will earn a ninja mask, which will grant you a ticket inside the Secret Ninja Hideout. There you will be able to buy special ninja clothing and furniture.

The Secret Ninja Hideout is located in The Dojo Courtyard. Having trouble finding it? Here it is:

You will see a stone wall. Hover your mouse over it and…

Picture 3 Viola..

Picture 4

Once inside, you will be able to access the catalog to buy all of your ninja merchandise needs. One thing you might need to know is how to become invisible. All you do is buy the Ninja Suit (From the Ninja Catalog)

Picture 5

Then Dance! If you want a hotkey, press “D” on your keyboard, and you should become invisible. Want an even cooler effect? Buy the Cloud Wave Bracers,

Picture 7

then wave your arms, and you should disappear from a smokey effect.

Picture 6

That about wraps it up!

Thanks for reading, and remember

Make Sensei Proud!

And remember to tell him Masterpengi taught you all you know :p


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