Mission Ten

Mission Ten – Waddle Squad

Picture 1

This is the Picture Tutorial of Mission 10

1. First, Start off by taking the Solar Panel to the Right of G and put it in your Inventory.

Picture 2

2. Next, Talk to G

3. Then Herbert Will appear on the Monitors and Rookie will give away the secret of the Golden Puffle

Picture 3

4. Then The Directer will pop up and will say that Rookie spilling the Juice was the plan.

Picture 4

5. Then Talk some more, then head to the Gift Shop

Picture 5

6. Help The Cashier move all the Clearance stuff outside.

Picture 6Picture 7

7. Now, Go back inside and add the Solar Panel to the Gigantic Magnet.

Picture 8

8. Now you have to activate the Solar Panel, so You have to connect the 2 colored dots (ex. Red to Red, Blue to Blue ect.) And here is a guide to do that:

Picture 9

9. Now, Rookie is all Situated, head over to the Beach for the Jet Pack Guy

10. His Jet Pack will have some problems and guess what? You have to fix it. So, You have to find some fuel…Which is cream soda…

11. The Cream Soda is located in the Light House

Picture 10

12. Then go back outside and give the Cream Soda to the Jet Pack Guy

13. Now Here is the Tricky Part, but Luckily I will show you step by step.  You have to Fill the Jet Pack with the exact amount of Cream Soda. So here is the guide:

Step 1

Picture 11

Step 2

Picture 12

Step 3

Picture 13

Step 4

Picture 14

Step 5

Picture 15

Step 6

Picture 16

Step 7

Picture 17


Picture 18

14. Then head to the dock and get the rope from the Penguin working on the boat

Picture 19

15. Now head over to the Dance Club and put the rope on the Trap

16. Now when you lift the lever, It will break.  So you will have to fix the cogs inside.

17. Get out your spy phone and use the wrench to unscrew the screws.

Picture 20

18. Then fix the gears and put them into place so they run properly

19. Then go to the town, and you will get a call from Jet Pack guy telling you that Herbert is at the dock…Which turns out its klutzy with a Cardboard Herbert. 🙂

Picture 21

20. Then you should get a call from Rookie telling you Herbert is in the Night Club trying to steal the Golden Puffle

Picture 22

21. Then the Magnet will bust through the wall and the Golden Puffle will attach to it. Now to get the cage on Herbert, You either point the three spotlights to the Solar Panel OR get the Jet Pack off The Jet Pack Guy and hook it on the cage.  Your choice 🙂

Picture 23

22. Then G will Talk some more, And Rookie will be dumb again and give Herbert his phone and Herbert teleports away, but drops something while teleporting which leads you to your next mission.

Picture 25


Picture 24


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