Mission Three

Mission 3 – Case of The Missing Coins

Picture 2

Here is the Picture Tutorial of Mission 3

1. Talk to the Rookie

Picture 1

2. Go right to the office.

3. Go right until you see an orange couch then look under it and pick up the Boot Disk and the paperclip.

Picture 3

4. Go left to the computer and turn it on then insert the Boot Disk and then click “My Files” then click “Combination_Number” then write the code down or remember it.

5. Then go back downstairs and enter the combination. N= North(top) E=East(right) S=South(bottom) W=West(left)

Picture 4

6. Then enter the vault and click on the coins on the roof of the room.

7. Your spy phone will ring after you talk to the Rookie while you are in the vault.  So answer your phone then go to the HQ.

8. Talk to G then watch the footage of the Gift Shop he tells you to watch.

9. You will talk to G some more then he will tell you to go to the roof of the Gift Shop to investigate, but it is locked so he tells you to get the key in the drawer.  The key is the golden on in the top left corner.

Picture 5

10. Then use your map or Spy Phone and go to the gift shop then make your way to the roof. And unlock the door with the key you got.

11. Once you get up there you will see a BIG magnet.  Click your spy phone and click the LED light for your tools and click your wrench, then click on one of the bolts on the “powa box”.

Picture 7

12. Once it opens click on it to get a closer look.  Then use your paperclip inside the “Powa Box” that you got from under the orange couch, so it will mess it up so it will stop working.

13. Then back out of that and look at the vent by the box with the snow it by the door. And pick up the white fur.

Picture 8

14. Then make your way back down to the vault and talk to the Rookie, then he tells you that you better go report this back to G

15. So go to the HQ and talk to G, once you finish talking to him he will tell you the lights went out at the Dance Club, so turn left and find the flashlight under the big map of Club Penguin in the HQ.

Picture 9

16. Then go to to the Dance Club, and talk to the little penguin crying, then go inside.

17. Use your flashlight and find the speaker to go down to the boiler room to find the fuse box.

18. Once you are down there find the fuse box and keep clicking the lights till they are all green. You will eventually get it. Keep Trying 🙂

Picture 10

19. Then once you get it go back up to the Dance Club and talk to the happy dancing penguin, then report back to the HQ.

20. Then talk to G and say good bye.

21. Receive your medal and gift AND YOU JUST COMPLETED MISSION 3!!!!!

Picture 11


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